Seven Essential Tips for Designing a Business Card

First impressions are key when it comes to making business contacts, and one of the first impressions you’re likely to make on someone is with your business card. At Scan Copy Print, an Edmonton print shop, we’ve seen what works and what doesn’t when it comes to business card design. Here are seven essential tips that can help you.

  1. Choose a simple and complementary colour scheme

    A messy splash of bright colours can catch the eye, but it won’t hold the attention. In order to create a business card that people want to look at, stick to a few simple and complementary colours that allow the card to be easily read and to leave the reader with a professional impression.

  2. Choose the right font size

    Speaking of easy reading, it is imperative that you choose a font size that nobody will have to squint in order to see. Use an even bigger and bolder font size for more important information.

  3. Choose the right font

    The type of font you chose is also important. No matter how large it is, an overly stylized font is going to be difficult to read. A clear and simple font that contrasts nicely with the background for easy reading is a must.

  4. Consider the bleed area

    The “bleed area” is the three to five mm area around the edge of your cards which may be affected when the cards are cut. The bleed area should be the same colour as your card’s background.

  5. Avoid boarders

    The bleed area is the main reason why you want to avoid putting boarders around your business card, as they could get cut off evenly. Boarders can also make your card look cluttered and take the focus away from the information on it.

  6. Include all necessary information

    Your Edmonton business card needs to include all of the necessary information about who you are and what you do. Don’t forget to include your name, your job title, and pertinent contact information. At the same time, you don’t want to clutter the card with too much information. Stick to the basics and make it easy to contact you for more.

  7. Ensure good printing quality

    Finally, if you want your business card to look professional, you need to have it professionally printed. Your home printer is just not going to do the trick. Contacting an Edmonton print shop will ensure that your card provides others with a great first impression.

Print Shop Providing Business Cards in Edmonton

If you’ve got a design picked out and you’re all set to print, then Scan Copy Print can provide you the quality printing services you need. If you’re not too sure how you want your business card to look, then don’t worry, our Edmonton print shop designers can help you with the design process as well.

For all of your business card and other printing needs, feel free to visit or contact Scan Copy Print today.

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